Travel Savvy, Travel Chic

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Travel Savvy, Travel Chic

By V Lynne Smith


What’s your travel style? Are you travel chic? Do you carefully craft an outfit that will turn heads? Do you grab your favorite pair of jeans and t-shirt and head straight to the airport? No matter what your travel style creating a fabulous travel look can be effortless. In my recent travels I’ve seen some very inspired travel looks and some shall we say, very uninspired. A recent article in Conde Nast Traveler explored the topic of bringing back a dress code for airline travel when a passenger was asked to change out of her short-shorts before boarding the plane. Do we as travelers really need to be told how to dress when flying? While the days dressing for a flight have gone by the wayside, one can still travel with a sense of style and comfort. Here are a few must have items that will have you traveling a little more stylishly.

  Let’s start with a great outfit after all first impressions are everything. Lightweight, breathable fabrics are essential when traveling. Knits are extremely comfortable and are available in a variety of weights depending on the season. Airplanes are known for being notoriously cold at times. I can never get the temperature just right by adjusting that air valve over my head. The perfect solution is this jacket and pant ensemble from the Tory Burch Sport line. The knit is made from a poly-cotton blend which is comfortably chic while being easy to care for. Pair this look with your cutest cotton t-shirt underneath and you’re ready for the next adventure.

A great shoe that combines style with comfort is must when traveling. You’ll want a shoe that can slip off and on easily when going through security.   Ballerina flats and driving shoes are designed with comfort in mind.  A couple of my personal favorites are the Ferragamo, Rufina Quilted Ballerina Flat and the classic Gucci Leather Horsebit Driver. Both designs are perfect for travel without sacrificing style. Sneakers can also be a great option for traveling. It’s all about adding a little pizazz to your sneakers. The Cole Haan Ella sneaker with its edgy metallic leather adds just the right amount of flair to your travel shoe game.  A good sole on a fabulous shoe is a beautiful thing when trying to quickly maneuver through the airport.  So save those fabulous heels for a night out on the town while you’re on holiday.  

Your handbag should travel as well you do. Stylish yet durable enough to absorb the punishment of being stuffed under an airplane seat during takeoff is a definite plus.  One that’s large enough to carry all your necessary items, but not so large as to be obtrusive. The size of my handbag definitely depends on how long my trip will be. I usually opt for a tote bag which will hold items such as my iPad, camera, and makeup bag as well as a smaller handbag that I’ll carry once I’ve arrived. I love how Coach has reinvented itself and the Coach Rogue Tote with its beautifully finished handle is a perfect travel companion. The bag also features a convenient shoulder strap and detachable pouch to help you stay organized. Coach has always been known for the durability of its leather goods, so you know it will stand up to anything you may encounter while traveling.

Speaking of a great bag, how smart is your carryon bag? Staying connected while traveling can be challenging at best. We’ve all been there. You finally get to your gate, you sit down with phone or note pad and realize you have less the 10% of power left. Your eyes start to search for a place to plug in and they’re usually all taken. The carryon luggage made by Away comes with a built in USB port! Imagine that! No more searching for a place to charge your phone. I call this the perfect suitcase. The luggage from Away features unbreakable shells, interior compartments, and built-in USB chargers while using the best materials in the world. The result is luggage that is beautifully, functionally minimal. It’s luggage that helps you find your way by staying out of it. I’m so in love with this carryon bag I think you’ll love it too. You can find this wonderful carryon on their website. So whether it’s a quick trip for business or a dream destination remember to always Travel Savvy and Travel Chic.


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