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Too, Too Trendy

By September 22, 2016 No Comments


 How quickly trends become, “Oh, that again?”

 Take the soft blue and white dishtowel napkins that first turned up, if I remember correctly, at Wright & Company. What a great replacement for those slippery polyester napkins that slide off your lap and just don’t do the job.  Now, just a year or so later, every new spot has – you guessed it, dishtowel napkins. Oh, I still like them, but at least choose a new color combination, would you?

Glasses of cocktails on bar background

Glasses of cocktails on bar background

Craft cocktails are becoming over-emphasized too. Does every bar have to look like an apothecary shop? I don’t think so. There’s a reason why martinis and Manhattans are classics, and I doubt that such concoctions as the Pineapple Sheik or the Tamarindo Nut Job are going to join them very soon. Bartender, put down that grapefruit oil and just give me a beer.


And speaking of that popular malt beverage, how many beer taps are enough? We really don’t need 37 choices, now do we? Apparently a number of establishments think we do.

–Molly Abraham

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