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The Sugar Parlor

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The Sugar Parlor is a new Metro Detroit based business owned and operated by Minique Rice. Although, the name may cause you to have a sweet tooth, don’t be so quick to coin it as your new favorite candy store or ice cream parlor. It is actually a hair removal studio.

Are you confused yet? The name is based off of the ancient hair removal method called sugaring. It involves using an all-natural paste made up of three simple ingredients: sugar, water, and lemon. It is then cooked to a thick and sticky consistency. The paste is applied to the hair and removes it safely in a way that causes less pain, and little to no irritation.

The Sugar Parlor was introduced to Metro Detroit as a small Royal Oak suite in the summer of 2017. Since, it has expanded and opened its doors to its new 1500 square foot space in Berkley this past Spring. The new location features bright colors and decor that feeds right into the 1970’s inspired ice cream parlor theme. The cute and airy atmosphere will definitely have you feeling excited to be sugared. To learn more or to book an appointment please visit

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