The Downtown Paige

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The Downtown Paige

I’m Back Better Than Ever

By Paige Blessman

Is this too personal?

What is too personal?

How do I make my life interesting? Is it? Lol

How do I know what experiences and events are column/post worthy?

How do I find my aim/message?

What should each aim/message of a blog post be?

What is my vision for the Downtown Paige?

Who is the Downtown Paige?

What is the Downtown Paige?

When is the Downtown Paige?

Where is the Downtown Paige?

Why is there a Downtown Paige?

How is there a Downtown Paige?

What to expect from the Downtown Paige?

Okay okay. Let me explain some!

I’ll just start with the soft facts and will let the words flow from that ..


My name is Paige ‘Nic’ Blessman. I am 23. A Sociology graduate from The University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. A Farmington Harrison High School alumni.

I was born in Detroit and moved to Farmington Hills in the 5th grade. I am happy to have returned to my birthplace after graduating in 2015. I live downtown Detroit with my older sister Paris (6 years older than me); and with my dad one floor below closer to the elevator. Some may be thinking, “Oh, I couldn’t live with my younger / older sister.” And questioning what in the heck it’s like to live in the same apartment building as your father just one floor away. Because nah this wasn’t my plan lol. I swore after graduation I would be in California or New York, or anywhere but Michigan by now. But “something” has kept me Here. I live right in the epicenter of the Downtown Detroit. I go out. I do stuff. I see stuff. I hear stuff. It’s all been exciting, yet the wanderlust and urges to relocate do resurface occasionally. And it’s even interesting when I happen to return to a place I faintly remember from when I was a child. I lived in Detroit on Virginia Park, and attended Bates Academy. So about 13 years later I feel like I experience bittersweet nostalgia as I’m out and about. My personal insights and living experiences Downtown Detroit, meeting people, going to new and old places, and my shenanigans with my family and friends is what you’ll get from the Downtown Paige.

Since I have accepted my new Downtown Detroit life, as a writer I had to create a space to share what’s going on in the city from my perspective. Thankfully The Social Metro has given me this outlet. There’s a lot of conversation about what’s going on Downtown Detroit and, as a Millennial, I wanted to be a part of the conversation. And especially highlighting the positive things that are going on, celebrations, events to go to, new openings, and my smiley views.

As it’s been a year or so now too, and with the new website design, it was cool to look back and see some of things I wrote. Kickin’ It With NOJO, Meet Up & Eat Up With the Lions and Ford, The Pepsi’s #TheRecipe Tour at Garden Theatre, and more. I’ve had a lot of fun with what the Downtown Paige has allowed me to be apart of and see. This city is beautiful! Expect more stories, pictures, videos, and follow me on my social media handles to really get my day to day. I’ll be more active on my social media.. Lol as the introverted F.A.T. girl I’m really just in my own world. But I’m breaking all introvert rules and putting myself out there because, I am here and I have things about the city and F.A.T. life I want to share!

P.S. I lost 80 pounds. I love to talk about physical, mental, nutritional, social fitness so I run a blog, The Paige at It’s all about positivity, wellness and my journey maintaining an 80 pound weight loss and gaining muscle. And F.A.T. means Fit And Transforming by the way:] I can talk more about that next time. Stay tuned, but in the meanwhile:

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