The Ten Nail Bar

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I used to be a terrible nail biter.  I bit my fingers until I had little nubs and bleeding cuticles.

I was insecure with my hands because my habit was so bad.

As an introvert, before I used writing as an outlet for my overthinking, I would bite my fingernails.

I wouldn’t even realize that I was biting because I was thinking. I lived in my head way too much. And nah, I didn’t try that nasty nail polish. Why do that to myself? lol.

But now that habit is no more. Yay!

And now I enjoy walking over to The Ten Nail Bar — after work, during lunch, or on a Sunday — to get my nails prettied up.

I made a new friend, Vanieka, who I love to chat with every time I schedule with her. And I even ended up running into a close friend’s sister who works there. And since I keep going I meet other staff, they’re all friendly and I truly enjoy every visit.

This is just an appreciation post of The Ten Nail Bar, new friends, and no more nail biting!

The Ten opened September 2016, has natural nail services, and serves mimosas, champagne and other drinks.

And yes, they really have a session I’ve used to go to on my lunch break during work once too, and it was great timing.

Def worth a visit!

Go get your Perfect10 experience, ladies… and men I’ve definitely seen in there too.



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