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Sexy Specs make a comeback

By September 26, 2018 No Comments

By now, you’ve probably seen the teaser billboards – “Sexy’s comin’!” Guess who it is. Former D.O.C. CEO Richard Golden is bringing Sexy Specs back to the limelight to sell exclusively at his 41 SEE stores across the country. Remember 20 years ago when Richard hit the ‘best commercial’ lottery with his Sexy Specs campaign, dressed in a motorcycle jacket and dancing with kids and people in the supermarket? “Today, 24 years from the time the Sexy Specs commercials first ran, there is rarely a day that goes by where someone doesn’t mention something about Sexy Specs when they see me walking around town. It’s unbelievable,” Richard says. The new “Sexy Specs” collection is an eclectic mix of bold, bright and unique shapes. The frames are all handcrafted and are made of the highest quality Italian acetate in one-of-a-kind colors created exclusively for SEE. They are also made in limited editions, meaning you won’t “see” yourself all over town.


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