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Robert Kidd Gallery to host Mick Rock show

By August 23, 2017 No Comments

Things are shaking over at the stylish Robert Kidd Gallery in Birmingham. Gerard Marti, the smooth rock-star-like Frenchman who co-owned the business with Jennifer Vinklarek of Austin, Texas, has now taken sole ownership and has already made some pretty impressive moves. Most recently, he crafted an agreement with legendary rock ‘n’ roll photographer Mick Rock to carry his collection of iconic photos, including pics of Queen,Lou Reed and Iggy Pop. “Mick was David Bowie’s friend and favorite photographer,” says Gerard, who is personal pals with lots of rock royalty. “David used to say that Mick was the only photographer who was seeing him as he sees himself. I will have his collection on the wall in a week or so, everything is getting framed as we speak.”

Gerard is planning a Mick Rock show in the gallery sometime in December. In addition, Gerard’s own artwork of celebrity mugshots is now hanging at the Morrie and at SCL Royal Oak after a major purchase from restaurant and club owner Aaron Belen. “I am also working on a side project,” Marti adds, “which is the opening of a lingerie boudoir in Birmingham. Not a banal lingerie store like Victoria Secret, Agent Provocateur or Frederick’s of Hollywood. It will be more like a French boudoir where women will gather together to play dress up or dress down …”

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