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Restaurant Reviewing: 101

By June 27, 2018 No Comments

By Molly Abraham

Here’s my take on restaurant reviewing – which is anything but an exact science!

I don’t announce myself and if someone recognizes me, so be it. It becomes very obvious when they are trying to make my experience better than the average diner’s. In fact, if they fuss too much, I’m turned off.

I try to order what the place specializes in, if that can be determined. Sometimes that’s difficult. Menus are generally too long, in my opinion. I was at a restaurant recently that had everything under the sun on the menu. Hard to find the specialty.

Also, portions are generally too large. I can’t stand getting, for instance, a salad so big it’s falling off the plate.

I also don’t try to sample too many different dishes.  I am not working with a New York Times expense account, after all.  And you really don’t have to try a lot of dishes to tell if the kitchen knows what it’s doing.

Also, it’s important to take in all the factors that go into a dining experience besides the food – the service, of course, which is very important, the atmosphere, the general feeling and the other intangibles, like background noise.

I don’t consider myself an “expert.” I’m an ordinary diner – and think the other so-called experts are too!

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