Oh, baby, it’s about to get cold outside.

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As the beautiful colors of fall fade to the drab grey’s of winter, every fashionista needs to prepare herself. So why cover up those cute outfits with some bland old winter coat? Why not go out and treat yourself to a fabulous piece, that will keep you warm, and looking good? 

Below are 3 of my “Gotta have it” picks  for fierce, and fashionable winter coats.

Balenciaga- $4,250

My first pick is a contemporary twist on a classics parka. This gorgeous oversized parka in olive green, will keep you warm and looking hip. With a water-resistant shell to keep you nice and dry, and a shearling lining and flap to keep you nice and toasty warm. This is a perfect modern twist on a classic coat.

Burberry- $1,795

Looking for something a little less dramatic but still to die for? Why not try this piece from Burberry. This cold-weather coat is perfect for the changing temperatures, with down insulation to keep you comfortably warm, plus a hood trimmed in detachable fox fur. The belt and cuffs are adjustable to further seal in the heat, keeping you cute and comfy all winter long!


Okay, okay I know this isn’t technically a winter coat, especially out here in the Midwest. But hear me out, maybe you’ll go on a winter vacation, maybe somewhere warm, and fun like California, or perhaps you’ll adventure to Europe for a romantic getaway. Well here is a gorgeous, funky, classic leather jacket that you’ll need. 100% lamb skin, with silk lining, and silver hardware, a classic leather for the badass in us all.     


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