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By September 22, 2016 No Comments
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When Mini-trends Become Too Much

by Molly Abraham

 Brussels sprouts used to make their yearly appearance at Thanksgiving dinner. That was pretty much it for the tough little green cylinders. Now, they are turning up on menus all over town, much like, you guessed it, kale.

 I can’t count the number of times a waiter has recommended the Brussels sprouts, and when I say I really don’t care for them, the answer always seems to be “Oh, but you haven’t tried ours!”

 So, occasionally, I give in. But despite any and all embellishments, they still turn out to be – Brussels sprouts. And I still don’t like them.

 Another item that is showing its face around town in too many places and guises is bacon. Bacon is delicious. I love a crisp strip or two of bacon. But do we really need it everywhere we look, wrapping scallops and oh yes, Brussels sprouts, sneaking into Caesar salad, and forcing its way even into desserts? I don’t think so.

 And that goes for mac and cheese, too. A great homey dish, but it’s not what I’m looking for in hot new restaurants, no matter how exotic the cheese might be.

 Don’t even get me started about sliders!

 How these these mini-trends take flight is just one of those culinary mysteries, like why anyone orders steak well done. 

 — Molly Abraham

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