Hair & Confidence

By October 18, 2016 One Comment
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Hair & Confidence

By Bashar Kallabat

 What personal accessory can influence your mood, aura, body language and confidence more than any other?  Hands down, Your Hair… The single most important accessory you’ll ever wear.  Not the the Balenciaga dress, or the Louboutin Shoes or even your 15k Chanel bag.  It’s all about the hair, honey. It will make you the belle-of-the-ball or it can make you the wall-flower hiding behind the curtains. 

 Now that Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2017 is behind us, multitudes of designers, models, magazine editors, makeup artists and hairdressers are buzzing with excitement over this season’s trends. The impact this event has on you, the consumer has shifted or declined massively in the past 10 years. Mostly due to advanced technology and the fact that most of you are turning to your phone apps like Pinterest,  rather than Vogue or W to research the latest trends. The source of the material you are most influenced by has changed. Now, some of you can be influenced by the opinion of a young, talented blogger that has no concrete connection to the beauty or fashion world versus a professional magazine editor that has been sitting in the front row of every major show for the past 20 years.

 Is this good or bad?  Well, as with all change, there are both challenges and benefits to the new reality of how you are creatively influenced.  Whose opinion should we trust??

 Who do you turn to help you find your latest and best hairstyle? Remember, your BFF doesn’t want you to look as pretty or as hot as she does, so she’s not going to tell you. Your mom or your daughter?  Not a good idea either.  The answer is: The Right Hairdresser…of course– now more than ever, the stylist must become the resource for you, because many of you do not research or follow what’s happening at NY Fashion Week, and many of you are not even picking up traditional magazines that you once did religiously. 

 Leave the job to the Pros!

 Some of you may be thinking, “I don’t really care about high fashion and I’m afraid so I never want to change anyway.”  Don’t let this put your full life potential on hold.  Just because the newest trend is super short, aggressively choppy fringe patterns, that doesn’t mean you must dip your toe in those waters! Even the “ready towear”fashion collections that actually make it onto store shelves are more consumer-friendly adaptations.  Knowing the hottest trends while finding a way to rework these styles so that they fit more comfortably into your look and lifestyle is key. Imagine how this will make you feel… renewed, fresh, and excited to conquer the world on a daily basis. This all transcends into confidence, respect, and admiration you never thought possible.

 Fashion is one of many things that influences hair trends, make sure your stylist is up on the latest and greatest.  I will never forget working one Fashion Week and asking the designer where their inspiration came from. The response was, “When a decade becomes 20 years old it becomes fashionable again.” I loved that – what was once old becomes new again, but with a modern twist to make it fresh. We often reach to the past as inspiration to create the future, and I believe the past is where we learn while the future is where we apply our knowledge. There are always signs of the past influencing the present in every part of our culture.  When in doubt go back to the classic looks and build your special edge from there.  The right hair can change your life.


Bashar Kallabat

Creative director/Owner/Stylist

Bashar Creative Team

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One Comment

  • Art Det says:

    Well written! I know that when my hair is on point I feel like I can conquer the world. I just want that 80’s style hair to be back in already. LOL You’re the man Bashar 🙂

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