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Function Meets Luxury with Exuvius

By November 29, 2016 No Comments


Since my friend, Eileen Kiriluk gifted me with a set of metal collar stays, I’ve never wanted anything less. Forget about the flimsy plastic versions that come automatically with most men’s dress shirts. And now, a company called Exuvius has taken it a few steps further. The New York and Los Angeles-based company has produced the metal collar stays along with a series of other items that serve the modern man by crafting multi-use accessories that double as useful tools.


 Whether the Exuvius man selects to don the magnetic cufflinks that also stow one pair of replacement buttons; the iconic Titan and Vulcan Multi-Tool Collar Stays that serve as a handy bottle opener; or the Upper Hand Playing Cards that feature tips like how to defeat hydroplaning while driving — the modern man can channel both his inner style with the bonus of practical solutions.


 Exuvius believes in epitomizing both function and fashion as a vital aspect of a man’s dressed up wardrobe. Exuvius premium men’s accessories are 100% Titanium and pass the airport checkpoint and are TSA friendly. The multifunctional products, including its packaging, double serve as shot glasses, a valet box, and business card holders.




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