Fresh Meat at CCS

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(scroll below to view pictures from the event)

The Fresh Meat Exhibition Reception at the College of Creative Studies was proof that excellent talent does not have an age; it just takes a lot of dedication and passion. If only it were truly that simple for us regular folk. So let’s highlight this art exhibit curated by college freshmen, Ackeem R. Salmon and co-curated by Samuel Albaugh.

 I was blown away by the displays of artwork too because they were so unique and powerful in the messages that can be perceived in the artworks. I even had the pleasure to meet the talented 18-year-old artist, Ackeem R. Salmon. He was born and in Jamaica, moved to Michigan in 2014 and studies photography and advertising design at College for Creative Studies in his first year. His artwork was phenomenal, and I had to ask him where he gets his inspiration. He explained his inspiration comes from his surroundings and his love for theater. He went on further to say that his photography is similar to improv; he’ll get an idea and sentence out a work of art. With that analogy, viewers can sense Salmon’s uniqueness and own personality in his photographs. So cool.

 Kudos to artists Salmon, and his co-curator Samuel Albaugh for putting together such a cool event focusing attention on freshmen art. It is an exhibit for CCS that will now be an annual spotlight. Congrats to these young artists. You definitely want to keep your eyes on them over the next few years. They promise many more exhibits that you won’t want to miss!

Paige Blessman

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