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Fathead LLC, the industry leader in graphics for large and small spaces, premiered Studio F when RADIANT CITY was installed downtown Detroit, in Grand Circus Park Nov. 25th.
RADIANT CITY was an interactive exhibit that included 350 tables, individually topped with unique Studio F designs by Detroit artists, Ellen Rutt and Patrick Ethen. The artists explained the patterned and symbolic decals that covered the tabletops were inspired by Detroit’s architecture, energy, and soul.
RADIANT CITY was open to the public Nov. 25-27th and since then some were donated to Humble Design, a Detroit based non-profit organization that assists families transitioning out of homeless shelters by providing furnishings and design services, and the remaining tables were sold on #GIVINGTUESDAY, Dec. 1st, a global day dedicated to giving back, with total proceeds going towards Humble Design.
I had the pleasure of meeting Ellen and Patrick, on RADIANT CITY’s premier day, and couldn’t help but express praises for such a big and creatively structured project. And this was all made possible through Fathead’s Studio F, which is now a way for any artist to sell their work as high-quality vinyl decals and wrapped canvasses on
Studio F is a whole new way for freelance artists to get their art in front of an audience through the power and scope of Fathead! Basically buyers can feature an artist’s design on their walls, furniture, windows etc, and Fathead will take care of processing the orders, printing, and shipping, with artists earning 30% commission the the sale price of each item that sells.
Congrats to Ellen Rutt and Patrick Ethen for being the first artists on Studio F’s website, and unveiling its new platform and transformative nature!
To learn more about Studio F please go to:
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