Fat Salmon

By May 8, 2018 No Comments

By Dawn Davis

Sushi, anyone?

Hidden on Jos Campau in Hamtramck sits a sushi restaurant called”Fat Salmon.”  Catchy name for a sushi restaurant, right?  The owner Jea Lim, originally from South Korea, has owned a cleaners in Hamtramck since 2002. He opened Fat Salmon in February 2017, and runs it with his wife and sister.  I asked him, “Why bring a sushi restaurant to Hamtramck?”  He replied, “Because I love sushi and there was no sushi close to me.” In 1995, he began studying in New York for two years to become a sushi chef. He has a love for fish, especially salmon, hence the name of his restaurant “Fat Salmon.”

Fat Salmon is an especially nice restaurant with a simple, yet modern feel that offers a unique feature…BYOB! Which as most of you know means Bring Your Own Bottle! That’s right! You may bring your favorite wine/libation to complement your sushi. They offer all types of sushi; my favorite is the sweet potato roll, which is made with deep fried sweet potato, avocado, cucumber and house sauce.   Their prices are very reasonable so a couple can have lunch or dinner for $25 or less.


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