Escape the Room Detroit

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Imagine Being Locked In A Room With 11 Co-Workers…

 Nightmare maybe?

I felt that way for about 45 seconds.

 The digital counter clock on the wall was ticking away

And “I have to open this lock,” I said to myself.

 We have 3 numbers locked in.

We needed one more number.


“Just twist and pull at each number!”

Suggestions to try every number,

“THREE!” shouted at me,

And numbers we’ve already tried again…

 I refuse to give away anything more.

 I can’t because it won’t be as an authentic experience when you go. This wasn’t my imagination running or a real nightmare.

 Really my co-workers and I went to the Escape the Room Detroit, and it was an awesome memorable team building experience for us all I’d say on our behalf. It was about listening to one another about their ideas, and findings. It was about speaking up, finding clues, being active.

 I am not trying to give anything a way… This post is hard because I want to tell y’all so much more, lol. You will just have to go, not necessarily with your co-workers, but with family and/or friends. And then we can share stories.

 I had fun, and I know the Escape the Room staff had so much fun watching us too. It was great. I enjoyed our trial. I wish we had a picture but we couldn’t do that either so I have the wall.

 It’s really one of those places you’ll have to see and experience for yourself. Escape The Room Detroit is located @ 1030 Randolph, Detroit, MI 48226.

 This was also a cool day because I walked from work, to Escape the Room Detroit, and then walked home. Smooooth, just like that.

 And what job has team building activities like Escape the Room Detroit? Ha, mine!



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