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By September 22, 2016 No Comments
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Molly Abraham

The Social

When the recent announcement came that Max & Erma’s was closing several of their local outlets, it wasn’t at all surprising to me.

Not that I thought that chain was any worse than others. It did have its fans, after all, judging from the published comments of those who were surprised by the shuttering. The real reason why its management pulled the plug at this particular time doesn’t really matter. I take it as a compliment to the thriving metro Detroit restaurant scene.

It tells me that people are realizing more and more what a wealth of local choices they have. Why choose a chain with a predictable menu composed by a committee in a far-off corporate boardroom for that Friday night dinner or that important lunch meeting when there is a variety of interesting spots run by people who know our likes and dislikes because they live here just like we do.

Owner-operated restaurants offer a much more satisfying experience, and I’m happy people are taking advantage of them. As a person who tries to keep up with the scene here, I can tell you that the pace of restaurant openings is keeping me hopping. It’s almost impossible to get to all of the new places springing up in and around the city in timely fashion.

I don’t even try to review chains, and the only reason to pay any attention to them would be if there weren’t enough independents to fill the gap. Thankfully, there are more than enough, places like these recently opened favorites of mine: the Huron Room, the nautically-themed fish house in the middle of Mexicantown, Central Kitchen & Bar in the heart of downtown Detroit, the nearby Townhouse Detroit with its glass-roofed dining room, Chartreuse, the next door neighbor of the DIA, Pho Lucky, the Vietnamese restaurant in midtown, the small plates of Wright & Company in a vintage building downtown, La Strada, the little European coffee shop and much more in Birmingham, and Jim Brady’s Detroit in Royal Oak.

And I’m just getting started.

– Molly Abraham

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