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Eating out With: Juliette Okotie-Eboh

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  by Chuck Bennett
  Photos by Martin LeFlore


The History:

Over dinner, Juliette and I couldn’t decide exactly when she and I met. We agree that it was probably in the late 1990s — early 2000. She was either near the end of her stint as an executive at DMC, or just beginning her current experience as Senior Vice President at MGM Grand Detroit Casino. What we could quickly agree upon, is that once we met, we became instant friends – BFFs, in fact – supporting and loving each other in every step of our journey.


The Scene:

“The Rattlesnake has always been my favorite restaurant,” says Juliette. “For years, my family has come here for special occasions and celebrations – Easter, Mother’s Day. And I like coming here during the Chene Park music series. We come early for drinks and dinner before the show, then come back after the show for drinks and dessert. The food is delicious. The décor is fabulous. I was introduced to some wonderful wines here. The service is impeccable. And of course, our favorite waiter, Brandon. He’s the sassiest, most efficient, funniest person you’ll ever meet.”


The Fashion:

Juliette is a fashionista. Not at all a slave to the madness, but just a woman who appreciates fine things and has a flair for putting them together. She’s appeared on two of my Best Dressed Lists over the years, including one for Hour Detroit Magazine. She describes her style as, “mixed media. I like to mix different textures and designers and styles.” At dinner, she was having a Gucci day. Gucci scarf, Gucci loafers. Gucci purse – masterfully mixed with a variety of other designers, including Ralph Lauren suede pants, Charles Nolan blouse, Roberto Cavalli glasses, and her aunt’s Tiffany pearls. “You always have to have on some Tiffany,” she says. “I mean really.”


The Love:

“I love being able to say what I think and not have to worry about it. I love the freedom that comes with age. You get a little financial independence and you can pretty much say what you want. Here’s where I plug my book. I had some things to share, professionally, so I put them all in a book.” Juliette’s book, 10 Things I Know, offers what she calls “Secrets to getting the most out of life.” And apparently, a lot of folks are interested. Book sales are soaring and her keynote speaker engagements have tripled.


The Excitement:

I’m excited about freshening up my house. I just redid the kitchen. I’m going to do some things outside with my garden and the fountains and landscaping. I’ve always loved my home, but I was thinking of downsizing to enjoy a more carefree life. But, I don’t know. I’ve fallen in love with my house again. I’ve been working with Keith Lamb and I’ve done some new things. I love him. My kitchen is now a fabulous shade of red. I sealed up the wood-burning fireplace in the living room and installed an electric fireplace. I bought some new furniture and some great new art. I’m so happy about my house right now.


The Food:

“My food was fabulous,” exclaims Juliette! She had the golden and red beet pyramid salad; fried calamari for the table, and blackened salmon with crab on top. We also shared a baked potato, asparagus, and Brussels sprouts. Our finale was two decadent desserts – apple tart and flourless chocolate cake topped with ginger ice cream. All perfectly paired with an assortment of wine and cocktails.


The Recommendation:

You must try the perch dinner. The steak is great. Always ask to see the wine list. They have an outstanding wine list. The entire waitstaff. Again, Brandon. He’s a professional waiter. That’s what he does. The best of the best. I give them all the stars in every category.



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