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Eating Out With… Jarred Cloin

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By Chuck Bennett


The History

Attending parties and events on the regular as I do, it doesn’t take long to recognize great service. Years ago, we noticed that valet parking always seemed to work so much smoother when the guys who wear the purple shirts were behind the wheel. CBJ Valet, known affectionately as The Purple Shirts, is a company ran by Jarred Cloin, a very cool, but no-nonsense kind of guy. In no time, we became friends with Jarred, admiring how tight he ran his ship, while still being friendly and courteous to everyone he encountered. Last year, he expanded his company adding CBJ Transportation to the roster offering the use of a fleet of luxury limo buses. When we made plans for dinner, it seemed only natural that Jarred would pick us up in one of his executive mini coaches, with a bottle of Veuve Clicquot on ice, of course.


The Scene

Jarred is an admitted foodie and wine aficionado. “I’m by no sense of the word an expert,” he explains, “but I love good food and wine.” After kicking around a few possibilities, we both agreed that Mr. Paul’s Chophouse in Roseville would be the best choice for dinner. Not only was Mr. Paul’s one of Jarred’s first customers for his valet service, he also has personal history with the family-owned establishment that is best known for serving chops and seafood in a dimly lit, brick-walled dining room.


The Fashion

Jarred is always neat. Doesn’t matter if he’s in uniform – a purple shirt over black trousers, or dressed for the evening in an effortlessly tailored suit – everything is always spotless and perfectly pressed. He enjoys wearing jeans and Robert Graham or Eton dress shirts. For this evening, he wore a tan striped suit with a light blue dress shirt, orange print pocket square, and another one of his favorite things, a nice set of cufflinks.


The Excitement

“I’m really excited about how my business is going, particularly, our new luxury transportation company. I’m proud to present first-rate, professional service for corporate and private transportation. I invite everyone to try us out. You won’t be disappointed.”


The Love

“I’m in love with my better half, Kristi, and our granddaughter, Scarlett,” says Jarred. He and Kristie are engaged and plan to marry sometime next year.


The Food

While everything was good (especially the escargot bourguignon), my main course was the chateaubriand. It was amazing. Cut like butter. Jarred had the Tournedos Henry, which he praised. We finished our meal with an amazing Bananas Foster, which they will prepare for you tableside at Mr. Paul’s if you bring your own bananas.


The Recommendation

It’s fairly obvious. We’d come back in a heartbeat. Mr. Paul’s is old school, chop house dining. The entrees are hearty, the service is friendly, good for a special occasion or just the place you want to go where you know you’ll get a delightful, comfort meal that sticks to your bones. Good job.


By Chuck Bennett


Photos by: Korey Nasa



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