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Eating out with ….Emma Zetterberg & Stephen Huber

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Eating out with ….Emma Zetterberg & Stephen Huber

The History:
In the last six months or so, I’ve been hearing a lot about Emma Zetterberg. “She’s fabulous! You have to meet her,” some of my friends told me. “You’re gonna love her.”
Well, how could I not?
The very glamorous Emma is from Sweden where she went to culinary school and was then cast in the Swedish version of Survivor called Expedition Robinson. She was one of the top five finalists and became an overnight celebrity as a result. She launched a successful singing career, returned to an all-star edition of Expedition Robinson (winning the season this time), signed a new recording contract, hosted three hit television series, and then met the love of her life, Henrik, a Swedish hockey star who lives in Metro Detroit. Wow! Well, you can kind of figure the rest out.
I met Stephan (pronounced Steven) Huber about ten years ago when he was the General Manager of Ralph Lauren at Somerset Collection. We became fast friends who could never seem to get together on a personal level, but were always happy to see each other at major social events in the city, while sharing a plethora of mutual friends. We sort of lost contact when Stephan moved to Chicago a few years ago to run the Ralph Lauren store there. He has recently moved back to Metro Detroit where he is Managing Director of The Zetterberg Foundation, an organization established by Red Wings hockey star, Henrik Zetterberg and his remarkable wife, Emma. The Zetterberg Foundation gives back to the charitable causes the Zetterbergs believe in throughout the City of Detroit and globally involving children, education and healthcare.
After a few failed attempts to meet up with Emma and Stephan (I actually met Henrik at a Detroit Pistons party just a few weeks before meeting Emma), our schedules finally gelled and we met at Ocean Prime.
The Scene:
As much as we appreciate the concept of Ocean Prime – pairing a great seafood restaurant with a great steakhouse – we’ve only been three or four times since it opened in Troy several years ago. And on each occasion our food and service was memorable. So we were very pleased when it was suggested as the venue to interview Emma Zetterberg and Stephan Huber.
“It’s easily one of our favorite restaurants,” said Emma. “We eat there all the time.”
So The Social D publisher, Martin LeFlore and I, joined the two on a warm, sunny afternoon for a wonderful lunch and for what is surely the beginning of new and meaningful relationships.
The Fashion:
Emma was a work of fashion art in a sheer black silk Gucci kimono trimmed with long flowing fringe. She wore it over a little black top, Roland Mouret pants, Celine shoes and a chunky brass and jade necklace that was a Christmas gift from Stephan that he purchased in Ethiopia.
Stephan is one of those guys who always have it together – casual to black tie. Sure, running Ralph Lauren boutiques all over the country for well over a decade would certainly lend itself to collecting an impressive wardrobe, but that doesn’t insure that one would always get it right. Stephan does. Admitting that 90% of his wardrobe is Ralph Lauren, on this casual occasion, he chose a steel blue cotton Ralph Lauren sports coat, blue and white plaid cotton shirt and khaki trousers with European driving moccasins.
The Excitement:
“This is easy,” Emma answered. “I am so thrilled that we reached our goal with our water filtration project in Kemba, Ethiopia, supplying the village with clean, drinkable water. I’m actually excited about a lot of things these days, but I’m extremely passionate about the whole Ethiopian project, which also includes funding the completion of the Belta Telo middle school and providing micro loans to the women of Kemba to start small businesses.”
I’m excited about my new job (at the Zetterberg Foundation), my new cats, and the new Swedish words that I’m learning,” Stephan chimed in.
The Love:
Emma: “I, of course, love my husband – especially since he trimmed his beard a little. I think I love him even more!”
Stephan: “I love my two rescue cats – Stevie (short for Stephan) and CeCe.”
The Food:
As previously stated, Ocean Prime is a favorite of both Emma and Stephan. They highly recommended practically everything on the menu. Hands down, they gave the biggest nod to the Ahi Tuna Tartar which they both ordered. We shared the awesome White Truffle Caviar Deviled Eggs, and between us also went through the Colossal Shrimp Cocktail, the Ginger Salmon and the Blackened Swordfish – all delicious with great presentation and service.
The Recommendation:
Two thumbs up to Ocean Prime. A great Metro Detroit dining establishment, especially now that the patio is open. We also urge you to check out The Zetterberg Foundation and support its many incredible charitable efforts. Go
Ocean Prime
2915 Coolidge Hwy
Troy, MI 48084
Phone:(248) 458-0500
Chuck Bennett
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