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Art Basel-Miami 2016

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Art Basel-Miami-2016

By Bashar Kallabat

There is only one Art Exhibition that can bring together the international art world, while attracting the largest and most diverse audience. With more than 280 of the world’s leading galleries …from Wynwood to North Beach, 24 different art fairs took place and over 200,000 ppl from all over the world attended during Miami Art Week.

 Celebrities were everywhere!  It felt like the Miami days of about 10 years ago when Miami was the chicest beach in the world. Since its first year in 1999, it has continued to grow and this year proved itself to be amongst the most successful one in history and I can proudly say that I have attended almost all of them. It becomes bigger and more congested each year which makes it virtually impossible to do more than a few fairs during this very fast-paced, overly-crowded weekend.

 You say you’re not an Art Enthusiast?

 Then there’s all the Events, Parties, Openings, Performances, Dinners, Launches and Shenanigans that you would beg, borrow and steal to be invited to or even catch a glimpse of. Its an exhausting week, but somebody’s gotta do it… it ALL worth it, and then some, trust me.  If you haven’t been, or have not read about the festivities this year, here is a special glimpse into a few of the many and I barely scraped the surface of the 250 official Art Basel events list.  Almost 100 events a day… Not including the art shows.

Bringing the outdoors indoors

The very first event that I attended four days before Art Basel-Miami actually opened, left me with a very lasting impression because of its ability to indulge all of my senses in a way that hasn’t happened in many years.  This very exclusive private event was sponsored by Korean/LA based Advertising and Marketing Mogul Roy Choi and Veuve Clicquot, hosted by Blk Clok featuring artists from various locations around the world

 The moment you walked in you were instantly transformed into a world of luxury and indulgences as far as the eye could see. Starting with a glass of perfectly chilled champagne served to me on a silver tray by a young handsome waiter wearing an all-black tux and white gloves. The downtown Miami space was a beautiful historical building that took you on a well-choreographed journey.

 I was very happy for my friends, a couple, from NYC Lynn and Christopher Charveriat (husband/wife artist team) whose art was exhibited at the event and impressed the hand-chosen 75 guests.  The pieces are very beautiful… simple yet quite impactful.

 Then we were all escorted to another area which was surrounded by four moveable walls that had a constant Art through Light projection. What amazed me the most, besides the very intricate creative direction, execution, and video mapping was how I became indulgenced with all my senses from the moment I walked in until the moment I left. 

 The creative genius behind this is LA-based Gina Park and her production company, Good Gracious.  They seemed to have gathered the best artists, chefs, performers, and guests.  They spared no expense in acquiring the best in lighting, sound and technology…  then intertwining all of these mediums to create what I feel will be the way we entertain ourselves and others in the future.  Outstanding!!  Art Show, Performance Art, five-course Dinner, and I haven’t even mentioned the creme de le creme guest list.

 This event is slated to go on the road to various other Art Shows around the world!

5-Live performances in-between each course at the fabulous Blk Clok event

From L to R Bill Kelly (Co-Founder of Miami Winter Music Conference) Cory Paul Matin (NYC Fashion Stylist)  

Artist- Lynn Charveriat & Artist-Christopher Charveriat ((co-artists of painting in background)

Performance art at its finest Irina Kazakova Sunalllure

Miley Cyrus performed in Miami to open Art Basel. The set was a mix of her own music and covers of Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, and Johnny Cash. It was an “emotional” appearance as she told the audience that she’s had a challenging year, struggling with the death of her dog, and reassessing some of her choices. That’s also the reason why she says she “started doing art”. Still, she acknowledged that the art environment wasn’t exactly her world.  She is undeniably trying to find her way in life and testing many different waters… Basel appeared to be her latest failure.  Pictured here with Patrick Schwarzenegger leaving a Basel party.  Someone please wake this girl up. SMH

Detroit’s own, International superstar Madonna took Art Basel by storm on December 2 with a benefit concert and art auction that raised $7.5 million for her charity foundation Raising Malawi in Africa.  The exclusive evening cost $5,000 a ticket, and if you were in the mood to meet and greet M herself, then just add another $145,000 to that.  Yep $150,000 if you wanted to meet the star at the intimate pre-concert VIP cocktail hour.  Ariana Grande came out and did a little dance and twerk to ‘Music” with the Queen Diva. The celebrity list ranged from Naomi Campbell, Leonardo DiCaprio, P Diddy, Chris Rock, and even ex-husband Sean Penn showed up to help auction off their wedding pictures taken by the late Herb Ritts.  They went for over 200k.

Ariana Grande & Madonna take the stage for a dance and twerk showdown 

Send in the clowns…Madonna’s event was so intimate that she had audience participation


Having a photo moment before entering her live auction for her charity ‘Raising Malawi’. 

Super-Model of the 90’s Elle Macpherson is on a mission to see as much art as she can at the Miami convention center.

Paris hanging out after her DJ set at Wall  She later was at Madonna’s after-party at the Faena penthouse.

Paris Hilton was the DJ at The Wall. This annual (hard to get into) famous Basel party at The W-Hotel had a crowd outside the small club that needed twice the amount of space that the club could actually hold if they were to let everyone in.  Well, I guess you know how this story ends.  This was a common occurrence everywhere I went.  Way more people than the venue could hold.  The US economy seems to be booming!!

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