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Aretha favored Beans and Cornbread

By August 30, 2018 No Comments

Shout out to Patrick Coleman, owner of Beans and Cornbread. For the last eight months of her life, Aretha Franklin received dinner from the popular Southfield soul food bistro. Patrick would plan the meals daily and made sure they were prepared to the Queen’s specifications. And although most of the meals were made in the Beans and Cornbread kitchen, oftentimes Patrick would send pizza or Chinese food from another one of her favorite restaurants. “Every now and then, she’d ask for something in particular that wasn’t on our menu, like oxtails” he adds. “We happily presented her with the best oxtail recipe we could find.” For more than a decade, Beans and Cornbread has provided food for Franklin privately or for her many events and parties. “For her big events, she’d purposely order more food than she needed so she could deliver leftovers to the homeless,” Patrick adds. “She did things like that all the time that people weren’t aware of.” Patrick has posted a banner with Aretha’s photo outside of the restaurant that guests are invited to sign.

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