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An Extra Bang from your Bangle Bracelet Flasks

By June 12, 2018 No Comments

By Jacqueline Lawrence


I do love a good accessory — bags, earrings, necklaces, hats — so when I saw the advertisement for bracelet flasks, I must admit, I was more than interested. Who knew? A bangle bracelet that doubles as a flask. The best kept style accessory around, most bracelets can hold 3 oz. and more of your favorite beverage and nobody will ever suspect. Well, until they see you turn it up to your lips.

Safely carry your liquid of choice anywhere you want — wine, soda, water or vodka. It is a big piece of jewelry that will slosh back and forth when you move, but these bracelet are something different and fun.  Bracelet flasks are portable, make a perfect combination of bracelet and flask, sleekly designed and easy to clean.


Bracelet Hip Flask Colourful Multi color and other various colors $25.99 Available online



Bracelet Flask in Stainless Steel
Bed Bath & Beyond $19.99 available online


Humphrey Amelia Bracelet Flask with Rhinestones Lid and funnel available online at
Amazon $15.99 for Prime customers, 3.5oz silver with beautiful rhinestone lid


Black bangle flask, $17 made of high quality and high grade metal, holds up to 4oz of your
favorite drink. Available online


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