ACRONYM DETROIT: LGBTQ+ Inspired Jewelry with a Peg?

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ACRONYM DETROIT: LGBTQ+ Inspired Jewelry with a Peg?

Tyler Beltz

Hasbro Games created Lite-Brite back in 1967 and chances are you may have the light box and some of the colored plastic pegs floating around your closet or packed away in a box somewhere.

Local photographer, blogger and artist Amy Cooper from Ferndale, MI has decided to take the plastic pegs from the game and create jewelry items such as necklaces, bracelets and earrings. But…the twist is when you purchase her jewelry, you’ll also be supporting an LGBTQ+ friendly cause.

“When I was in high school, we had to create a ‘found object’ piece, and after scouring my closet, I happened to find some old Lite Brite pieces.” I made a Chandelier Necklace using hand cut jump rings, and drilled holes into the pieces. After so many of my peers loved them, I expanded and started creating bracelets with elastic bands and they became very popular with Movement party-goers.”

“I’ve always had a feeling of wanting people to feel equal and accepted. Granted, being a mostly-straight person trying to fight for LGBTQ+ rights may come off as ridiculous in some eyes, I know what it’s like to be made fun of, discriminated against, and been pinned against the wall. I’ve been sexually assaulted, I’ve been bullied, and none of that can even come close to the pain that some of the LGBTQ+ community feels. Seeing so many people hurting, and now being victimized by multiple countries, I want to do the best I can to help those around me, and the ones I interact with every day.

I do multiple things, but as my artistry is concerned – my persona that I’ve created, ACRONYM, was created because I wanted to stand for something. Whether it’s by helping out the community I live and work in, creating jewelry, making political statements through photography, or making people feel good about themselves via portraiture, I hope to leave my mark. When I’m gone, I want to have changed many lives. Not just  become “insta-famous.”

To purchase Lite-Brite Jewelry you can visit: Bracelets $20, Necklaces $10, and earrings $15.

Also, Amy shared that portions of the proceeds will be donated to Equality Michigan, other LGBTQ+ friendly charities, and Trans-identified individuals that are currently in the process of legally changing their names.



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