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By Jacqueline Lawrence

Amazon provides interesting and surprising insights into what’s trending among its shoppers. It seems that tech gadgets are on everyone’s minds this year, and according to the “trends,” they’re the hottest products to purchase. Here is my list of 5 tech gadgets that excited the nerd in me. Now if I can get somebody’s grandchild to show me how to operate them.


A Wi-Fi video doorbell

This doorbell has a high-definition camera so you can keep tabs on expected and unexpected visitors from your phone, even when you’re not at home. It also has full-color night vision and a motion sensor and will record video to your cloud account as soon as the doorbell is pressed or motion is detected.

SkyBell HD Bronze WiFi Video Doorbell, $165.92 available online at .



A Bluetooth sous vide precision cooker

Sous vide cookers cook your food to exact temperatures, so you get evenly cooked meats, fish, and vegetables every time. Bluetooth connectivity means you can track your cooking from anywhere in the house and you don't need to stand in your kitchen watching the pot.

Anova Culinary Sous Vide Precision Cooker Bluetooth Immersion Circulator,
$124.99 available online



A wireless charging stand

It’s time to toss out all your cords and wall chargers. All you need to do is place your phone on this wireless charging stand to get back to a full battery.

Samsung Qi Certified Fast Charge Wireless Charging Stand with AFC Wall

Charger, $38.84 available online



A smart notebook

Instantly send your handwritten notes to a cloud service like Google Drive or Dropbox, then stick the notebook in your microwave to erase the marking and reuse it. You can keep your notes organized while enjoying the benefits of writing by hand.

Rocketbook Wave Smart Notebook, $26.97 available online




A sleep aid device

The co-founder of this metronome and light system was a former insomniac who understands the frustrations of being unable to fall asleep. The device, which has two different timed modes, projects a soft blue light onto the ceiling and has you synchronize your breathing with the light pulses.

Dodow Sleep Aid Device, $59

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